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Seminary Street School – Greenwich

Greenwich Primary - 1988

Greenwich Primary – 1988 – Seminary Street

New Seminary Street School

New Seminary Street School  – circa 1915

Seminary Street School Ruins after fire 1910

Seminary Street School Ruins after fire 1910

Greenwich High School - 1909

Greenwich High School – 1909 – Seminary Street

 Seminary Street School - 1880

Seminary Street School – 1879-1880


A Recreation of History

1919 newsphoto


Greenwich High School: Girls Basketball Team – 1932

1932 - GHS Girls Basketball Team

1932 – GHS Girls Basketball Team


The Schools of South Central (1960)

High School - grades 10-12

High School – grades 10-12 (9 half time)


Greenwich Intermediate -  Grades 5, 6, 7, & 8

Greenwich Elementary – Grades 1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 7, & 8

East Greenwich - grades 3 & 4

East Greenwich – grades 1, 2, 3 & 4

Middle School - Grades 5, 6,   7, 8 & 9 (half time)

Middle School – Grades K, 5, 6, 7, 8 &  (9 half time)


Ripley - Grades

Ripley School  – Grades 5 & 6

The Greenwich City Building hosted a Kindergarten Classroom on the second floor.

The Greenwich City Building hosted a Kindergarten Classroom on the second floor.






Nineveh School – 1909


1909 Nineveh School


Greenwich High School Graduates & Spouses (1883 to 1930) – Corrections are appreciated

The following is from a Greenwich High School Graduation List with Spouses. It was found during the recent remodeling of the Greenwich Library. I am sure there are name misspelling, typos, and other errors.  If you find an error, please use the following form to let us know!!!!


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1883 to 1964 Greenwich Class Lists with Spouses Corrections

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Greenwich High School Graduates & Spouses (1883 to 1930)


Class of 1883


Yana Smith


Class of 1889


C.C. Bebout

Arthur Healy

Loren Hopkins

Bert L Marsh

Linna Smith   (Somers)



Class of 1890

James Gifford

Fred Hines

George Marsh


Class of 1891


Effie Broome  (Sprague)

Mary Ewing     (DeLancey)

Lee A. Frayer

Lu B. Hakes     (McCord)

C.A. Ingersoll

Earl T. Jenney

Paul Jenny

M.L. McGraw


Class of 1892


Blanche Patterson (Richardson)


Class of 1893

Echo A. Barker    (Aray)

Irma Broome

Harry Hossler

Lee Jenney

Myrtle Waggoner (McGraw)

Class of 1894


Florence Ingersoll (Klixee)

Florence Jenney (Clancey/Wm Hall)

Mervin Jenney

T. L. Mead

Charles B. Patterson

B.R. Reynolds

Maud Tilton


Class of 1895


Rilla Hakes  (Ledger)

George Hildebrant

Mabel Marsh

Paul McMillen


Class of 1896


Florence Haviland (Gimberling)

Nellie Hopkins  (Doty)

Pearl Knapp  (Williams)

Mildred Marty (Brown)

Fred Mickey

Clara Sitterley (Amsden)

Charles Sutton

Maud Thomas  (Hines)

Myrtle Tuttle  (Robinson)


Class of 1897


Wade Barre

Mae Everett (Cook)

Geneva Flory  (Kale)

Marian Marsh

W.A. McCullough

Ella McGraw

Anna D. Mead

Leona Ringle (Judd)

Edna Washburn (King)

Etta Zeigler (Wigham




Class of 1898


Ora Griffin  (Paine)

Belle Norton  (Johnson)

Walter Paine


Class of 1899


Clara Ensminger


Class of 1900


C. Christel Antrim  (Hines/Stocker)

Iva L Barker

Vernon M Barre

Cemanthia D Dillingham (Martin)

Fern Frayer

Willard k Hopkins

L. Maud Keefer

Leslie E. A. Kelso

Bertha M Parker

Amy E. Plough (Strimple)

1900 Graduates  ER  September 28, 1956

Class of 1901


Hattie Baul  (Maynard)

Mary Leonard (Ellis)

Grace Ward (Shaw)

Ray Benedict


Class of 1902


Abbie Dillinham

Florence Ewing  (Gifford)

Maud Otterbacher (Watts)

Maud Parrott (Wort)

Merle Silverthorne (Sisson)

Josie Tilton

Class of 1903


Chester Cleland

May Hailand

Anna Ironmonger (Von Seggern)

Leroy Mead

Rena Plough  (Willston)

Ila Silverthorne (Knapp)


Class of 1904




Class of 1905


Myrtle Beveridge (White)

Grace Hopkins (Lent)

Myrtle Keiser (Wheeler)

Gladys Strimple

Pearl Wright (Yeomans)


Class of 1906


Francis Dills (Ellis)

Bessie Lanier (Hopkins)

Ben Marty

Elsie Marty (Martin)

Glyde Reynolds

Addie Sisson (Burton)


Class of 1907


W.C. Catlin

Clifford B. Keefer

Carl Lee

Anna Otterbacher (Stahl)

Frank Rathbun

Florn Smith

Harry Washburn

Neal Wolcott

Class of 1908


Mae Plough

Ada Strimple

Verre Strimple

Marion Walcott


Class of 1909


Sylvia Cleland

Eva Delancy (Keefer)

Milicent Kniffin (Osburn)

Blanche Martin

Dorothy Marty

Hazel Plough

Chloe White (Martin)


Class of 1910


Helen Haviland

Velma Lee (Funk)

Ralph Mckinley

George Otterbacher

Cora Plough (Harris)

Mildred Shira (Darling)

Mildred Smith

Cora Stacy (Reynolds)

May Stacy

Lynn Washburn


Class of 1911


Elbert Benedict

Minot Mead

Robert Ritter

Zella Welch

Class of 1912


Helen Hopkins

Chester Lowery

Edith Mead

Esther Mead

Mildred Mead

Sarah Miller (Griffin)

Christ Silsby

Lena Sizer (Clark)

Viva White


Class of 1913


Anna Bare

Lester Carlton

Archie Crowshaw

Florence Fenton (Stotte/Mittenbuhler)

Leland Hopkins

Lincoln Hopkins *

Merlin Seymour


Class of 1914


Olive Beveridge (Brown)

Ruth Coover (Kent Templer)

Elsie Gifford (Pickworth)

Clifford Griffin

Clarence Hawkins (Gladys Dole)

Lincoln Hopkins *

Ruth Hopkins

Kent Jenney

Norman Marsh

Enid Mead

Carl Mosher

Aura Nickerson

Pauline Richards (Silsby)

Charles Silsby

Letha Waggoner (Roscoe)

Class of 1915


George Bare

Kenneth Brown

Elida Gifford

Charles Keiser

Ruth Kinsell (Silsby)

Gladys Miller (Hopkins)

Harold Nickerson

Mildred Templer

Gladys Watts

Ina Watts (Benedict)

Edith Wooley (Harry Hawkins)


Class of 1916


William Brooks

Genevieve Clark

Arthur Gifford

Vivian Gifford (Miller/Fishbaugh)

Blanche Hopkins (Benedict)

Amy Marsh (Parker)

John Martin

Lawrence Mead

Leona Miller (Mead)

Merrill Miller

George Travis

Theodore Willis


Class of 1917


Margaret Fairchilds

Evelyn Farley (Gilmore)

Kenneth Gifford

Bert Howard

Lonelle Hunter

Maurine Saviers (Wentz)

Earl Sutton

Class of 1918


Charlotte Childs (Willet)

Elizabeth Henney (Ringle)

George McMillen

Merle Owens

Eva Plough (Tilton)

Rudyard Roscoe

Olive Silsby

Ray Willet


Class of 1919


Vera Baker

Wade Beveridge

Victor Goodacre

Russell Harrison

Helen Hopkins

Roy June

Harold Marvin

Helen Mead

Royce Mead

Nellie Sirpless

Kathryn Sizer

Irene Travis

Louis Watts


Class of 1920


Edith Albert (Cecil Boardman)

Hattie Barker (Hugh Lewis)

Thelma Barker

Leonard Karpenter

Maurice Enzor

Rhea Lattimer (Laser)

Dale McLaughlin

Frank McLaughlin

Harry Silsby

George Stout

Esther Sutliff

Miran Swanger (Stauffer)

Hazel Troup (Underwood)

Garret VanVranken

Earl Willett

Class of 1921


Donald Amsden

Gladys Barker

Carlotte Barre

Grace Brown

Rosswell Hopkins

Thelma Hopkins (John Albert)

Wayne Parrott

Anna Schambs (Harrison)

Helen Schambs (Reynolds)

Vera Schambs

Mildred Stewart

Merle Templer

Bernard Wooley

Greenwich High School Graduating Class of 1891

Greenwich High School Graduating Class of 1891

Class of 1922


John Albert (Thelma Hopkins)

Hazel Atyeo

Lawrence Atyeo

Lois Barker (Gumbert/Edw. Sharpless)

Vera Barker (Beveridge)

Helen Barre (Terman)

Lucille Brown

Clarence Cole

Corrine Gleason (Stuckey)

Mildred Keiser (Brenneman/Miller)

Hazel King (Royce S. Mead)

Doris Mosher

Wayne Parrott

Alice Roberts

Lawrence Smith

Blaine Strimple

Theodore Sutliff

1922  Class  ca.

 Class of 1923

Luella Baird (Lomax)

Gladys Briggs

Lucile Brown

Carrie Evans (Goodacre)

Chester Mead

Elizabeth Plough (Ellis)

Paul Rader

Ruth Sparks (Russell Figley)

Dorothy Stauffer (Contreras)

Harley Stout

Leslie Whallen


Class of 1924


Andrew Borka

May Carpenter (Kilgore)

Jervetta Dorsey (Burwell)

Gertrude Egner

Cloyd Enderby

Paul Enzor (Norma VanVaranken)

Rhea Enzor (Rogers)

Louisa Fowler

Grace Heck

Aubry Markham

Clifford Marvin

Bernice McLaughlin (Shoemaker)

Mary Noss (Barnes)

Vaughn Pennell

Carl Pittenger (Thelma Ellis)

Frank Van Scoy (Evelyn Foster)

Alice Wells

Eileen Williams (Markham)


Class of 1925


Paul Barnes (Mary Noss)

Richard DeWitt (Lois)

Helen Gates (Ted DeVoe)

Vivian Haines

Ruth Hayhurst (McLaughlin)

Velma McLaughlin (Gifford)

Norma Miller (Griffin)

Orley Miller (Mary McConnell

Norma VanVaranken (Paul Enzor)

Walter Washburn

Wayne White

Viva Whitmore (Hyatt)

Norma Wolf (Dewitt)


Class of 1928


Lester Amstutz

James Bebout

Vincent Dorsey

Esther Hayhurst

Donna Ketterman

Mary Marvin (Barker)

Ruth Seibert

Leroy Stahl


Class of 1927


Gordon Barre

Hubert DeWitt (Edith Dove)

Mildred Fishbaugh

Lawrence Flory (Filper)

Leota Frizzell

Lawrence McLaughlin (Donna Young)

Lawrence Murray (Verona Tilton)

Howard Sutton

Ladonna Sweet (Cumminsworth

Verona Tilton (Bowen/Murray)

Ruth VanVrankin


Class of 1928


Lee Gordon

Florence Haas (Barners)

Annis Hanvill (Shoemaker)

Dale Palmer

Margaret Watts

Donnabelle Young (McLaughlin)


Class of 1929


Ronald Barr (Elaine Young)

Donna Bishop

Madge Dorsey (Karaba)

Ronald Flory

Glen Fulper

Ethel Garner

Blanche King (Howard Beck)

Lucile Lamoreaux (Marvin)

Marion Lee (Wilhelm)

Nelson Melchior (Marion Miller)

Esther Pittinger (John McLaughlin)

Lois Rictor (Richard DeWitt)

Gertrude Silliman (Snyder)

Virginia Sweet (Cumberland)

Myron Van Scoy

Ruth Van Scoy (Virgil Sharpless)


Class of 1930


Jeannette Bishop (George Barr)

Lucile Brown (Lane)

Harry Daniels

Earl DeWitt (Dorothy Eichelberry)

Edith Dove (Hubert DeWitt)

Donna Caton (Brown)

Thelma Ellis (Pittinger)

Maude Enzor (Ehler)

Nona Gifford (Kilgore)

Mable Lutz (Baird)

Catherine Madge Melchior (Myron C. Ellis)

Don Miller

Marcella Miller (Westbrook)

Carrol Mitchell

Christine Otterbacher (White)

Stewart Reynolds

Mary Simmons (Thor Sweeting)

Felicia Reynolds (Young)

Lois Silliman (Neil Garrett)

Roy Smith (Hoose)

Keith Sparks (Gertude Andrews)

Marilyn Stevens (Richard Flint)

Jean Templer

Eugene Walker (Rose Lichoff)

Darl Walter (Clara Andrews)

Marjory VerBerg


Greenwich High School Graduates & Spouses (1931 to 1960) – Corrections are appreciated!!

The following is from a Greenwich High School Graduation List with Spouses. It was found during the recent remodeling of the Greenwich Library. I am sure there are name misspelling, typos, and other errors. If you find an error, please use the following form to let us know!!!!


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1883 to 1964 Greenwich Class Lists with Spouses Corrections

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Greenwich High School Graduates & Spouses (1931 to 1960)



Class of 1931


Reo Amsden (Millard Jones)

Irene Barnes (Dick)

William Barnes (Jo Ellis)

Emma Bracken (Moore)

Irene Eremint (Aukerman)(Pettit/Earl King)

Christine Howard (Frank Scott)

Kathryn Huff (Scott)

Byron Keefer

Kathryn Lammiell (Williams)

Virginia Mickey

Harry Miller

Eleanor Pittinger (Bill Meyers)

Viola Plough

Ruth Schoeff (Keifer)

James Sharpless

Dora Shorthouse (Traxel)

Harold Williams


Class of 1932


Pauline Bachtal (Brooks)

Floyd Berry

Ronald Dove (Luane Watts)

Leota Ellis (Peters)

Thelma Fishbaugh (Kochis)

Harriet Gray (Morrow)

Kathryn Gulvin (Plough)

George Hopkins, Jr.

Edman Keefer

Linley Lee

Joseph Marvin

George Moss

Morgan Pettit (Wilma Gifford)

Dane Plough

Arthur Sloan (Ruth Simmons)

Louanye Watts (Ronald Dove)

Class of 1933

Doris Breneman (Chamberlain)

Helen Carnes (Mumper)

Freeman Egner

Thelma Eikelberry (Rhodes)

Ford Ekey

Myron C. Ellis (Catherine Madge Melchior)

Lena Enzor (Charles Keysor)

LaDonna Hopkins (George Sweeting)

Milo Huff

Arlene Hunter (Swartz)

Don Lamiell

Madge Latimer (Robinson)

Fred Lentz

Mildred Lyons

Marion Miller (Melchior)

Nelson Robinson

Leona Rogers

Oliver Strimple

Kenneth Strimple

Fred Van Scoy

Margaret Watson (Bud Robson)

Robert Watts (Fayma Shumaker)

Bertha Whitmore (Wither)

Inez Winely (Stanley Moser)


Class of 1934


Lelah Bellamy (Clark)

Lena Emily Brinson (Egner)

Ruth Delores Brown (Lee)

Walter Malcom Caton

Everett F. Cole

Robert N. DeWitt

Maxine Dole (Bowerize)

Dorotha Leota Eikleberry (DeWitt)

Wilma Corrine Gifford (Morgan Pettit)

Edith Lillian Haynes (Markley)

Ruth E. Hopkins (Kilgore)

Charles Keefer, Jr.

Clyde L Kilgore (Ruth Hopkins)

Cora Gertrude Kline (Donald King)

Mary Lutz (Hench)

Ellen McConighy (Willett)

Elizabeth D. McElwee

Franklyn B. Miller  (Ruth Murbach)

Gaylord Miller  (Mary Cubbedge)

Genevieve M. Murray (Stutzman)

Donald Paxton

Corinne Pettit (Momyer)

Donald E. Reed

Mildred Reese (Nicely)

Beatrice Mona Robinson (Hartz)

Jack Silsby

Helen M Smith (Frey)

Clair H. Starkey

Janis Leora Strimple (Ringle)

Alvin Wahsburn

Lowell E. Westbrook (Eleanor Rheinhart)

Thoburn E White (Eleanor DeWitt)

Don C. Young


Class of 1935


Eleanor DeWitt (Thoburn White)

Christine Egner (Grahl)

Leland Ellis (Arlene Forsythe)

Arlene Forsythe (Leland Ellis)

Paul Foster (Bonnedene Bender)

Daniel McConeghy

Austin McKitrick

John Momyer (Corinne Pettit)

Atlee Myers (Ann Brehm)

Carl Silsby, Jr.

Claire Starkey

Ida Van Scoy (Tucker)

Arlene Waldhous

Betty Westbrook (Earl Chandler)


Class of 1936


Doris Bachtel (Krumholtz)

Ralph Barre (Mildred Franklin)

Leroy Chandler

Eunice Cole (Hankhammer)

Marion Ellis

Ora Ellis (Thoma)

Dale Enzor

Merle Enzor

Kenneth Ferrell (Jane Hopkins)

Clarence Foster

Sheldon Gadd

Joan Gilger (George)

Claribel Gulvin (Winchell)

Eleanore Hopkins (Foster)

Gerald Hunter (Karola)

Wayne Hunter

Vivian Keefer (Millsop)

William Lidsay

Elsie Louise McCullough (Russell)

Russell Miller

Alice Odson (Owns)

Robert Osburn

Hummil Waelde

Mary White (Rachel)

Almeta Wolfe (Kledis)


Class of 1937


Madge Baker (Newcomer)

Bonadine Bender (Paul Foster)

Florence Bennett

Whitmar Beveridge

Betty Bishop (Eidson)

Maurice Brinson (Anita Hazel)

Jeanette Crum (Bob Rice)

Phyllis Egner (Beilstein)

Elvis Fife (Amybelle Hinckley)

Robert Funk

Amybelle Hinckley (Elvis Fife)

Jane Hopkins (Kenneth Ferrell)

Marjory Hopkins (Webster)

Edwin June

Harry Ketterman

Richard Marvin

Rollland McEbuee

Janet McKitrick (Shunk)

Earl Miller (Wolf)

Alice Miller (Carl Otterbacher)

Janice Miller (Charles Chisholm)

Madge Murray (Dean Enzor)

Paul Reed

George Robson

Sonna Sisinger (Earl Swander)

June Smith

Robert Thomas

Dorothy Watson (Robson)

Charles Watts

Thor Watts (Audrey Pettit)

Brittana Westbrook (Jacobs)

Robert Wolf


Class of 1938


Lois Barnes (Gretzanger)

Eileen Beveridge (Shafer)

Iscoh Carnes (Hunter)

Josephine Ellis (Barnes)

Mildred Franklin (Ralph Barre)

Geraldine Frizzell (Smith)

Richard Gilger (Marilyn Hawkins)

Elaine Hunter (Stauffer)

Juanita Keysor (Kane)

Dean McCollough

Alma Osburn (Hauth)

Eleanor Ringle (Fishbaugh)

Jane Roberts (Zeigler)

Doris Robinson (Hartley)

Bernard Runkle (

Jeaneatt Seagren (Harris)

Fred Waldhaus

Ruth Westbrook (Hartley)

Glenn Zeigler


Class of 1939


Janis Barnes (Laird)

Florence Coy (Marietta)

May Coy (Noble)

Helen Crum (Hyler)

Paul Egner

Boyd Enzor (Eleanor Silliman)

Myrl Fife

Maurice Fishbaugh

Kent Gulvin

Anne Haynes

Viva Kissell (Lepp)

Arlene Kline (Harvey)

Wilbur Lindsay

Edward Marsh (Geneva Barnes)

Mabel Myers

Ruth Reed (Wacker)

Ralph Runkle

George Strimple (Marilyn Rupert)

Wade Wacker

Harriet Westbrook (Seger/Clevenger/Hutchinson)

Victor Noble


Class of 1940


Geneva Barnes (Edward Marsh)

Juanita Brown (William Gifford)

Max Early

Rowland Foster (Virginia)

Geraldine Funk (McCollough)

Betty Gorham (Weaver)

Robert Haindel (Ruth Garner)

Helen Hawkins (James Youngs)

Ross Latimer

Melvin Lindsay

Vaughn Miller

Audrey Pettit (Thor Watts)

Cleota Plough (Averd Creveling)

Bernice Porterfield (Bunt)

Eleanore Silliman (Boyd Enzor)

Ruth Van Buskirk (Fortney)

Bertha Walker (Froshag)


Class of 1941


Robert Allen

Hilda Bellamy (Raubanalt)

Lawrence Bender (Betty Hanson)

Doris Boardman

Doris Carnes (Von Seggern)

Robert Childs

Phyllis Coffman (McQuillan)

Erma Conway

Earl Daniels

William Gifford (Juanita Brown)

John B. Gilger

John R. Gilger (Eugenia Reynolds)

Imogene Gorham (Pate)

Christine Haines

Phyllis Hall (Dale Gilger)

Robert Hopkins (Jeanne Egner)

George Kline (Yvonadell Van Brimmer)

Howard McConeghy

Paul Neel

Edith Porterfield

Eugenia Reynolds (John R. Gilger)

Colbert Roscoe

Aubrey Smith (Laser)

Leonard Strimple

Lorraine Tomkins (Richard Sanders/ Pettit)

Yvonadell Van Brimmer (George Kline)

Ladonna Washburn (Hartley)


Class of 1942


Mary Barnes (Scott)

Robert Brockett

Wilma Cole (Dale Lamoreaux)

Jeanne Egner (Robert Hopkins)

Della Fate

Geraldine Figley (VanAsdale/Braucher/Winter/McClellan)

Dorothy Gorham (Phillips)

James Hawkins

Kelton Haynes

Fern Hopkins (John Coffman)

Madge Keinath

Dale Lamoreaux (Wilma Cole)

Howard Leber

Genevieve Lyons (Raymond Marnach)

Kloran Robson

Raymond Sanders (Mary Hanson)

Wade sisinger

Jean Smith

Marjory Sparks (Lester Huston)

Sylbert Strimple

Ida Walker (Biernat)

Carlton Walter

James Washburn

Lewie Weatherbie

Eileen Whitmore (John Bernard)


Class of 1943


Gordon Albert (Ella Jane Ecklebarger)

Betty Brockett

William Coffman

Virginia Cole (Arthur L. Burke, Jr.)

Helen Dick (Troxel)

Dolores Esprey

George Fetter (Gladys Bish)

Maxine Fetter (Savaranola)

Earl Fidler

Kenneth Fishbaugh (Loretta Bender)

Ruby Gilger (Ryerson)

Robert Hall

Betty Hanson (Lawrence Bender)

Lois Howard (Ralph Laird)

Paul Howell (Patricia Melchior)

Lawrence Kline (Patricia Felver)

Wayne Lee (Delores Teats)

Dean Marsh

Phillis McCollough (Carnahan)

Robert Miller

Irence Murray (Moore)

Harold Philbrick (Ackerman)

Wesley Smith

Lorne Stacy

Robert Westbrook (Eileen Young)

Marion Eugene Young (Reynolds)


Class of 1944


Willard Andrew

Gladys Bish (George Fetter)

Violet Braucher (Paul Clark)

Betty Burkette (Simon)

Mary Cowden (Moore)

Pauline Enzor (Runyan)

Johann Gemmel

Jean Haines (Hulthen)

Mary Hanson (Raymond Sanders)

Marilyn Hawkins (Richard Gilger)

Keith Huffman

Elsie June (Shoop)

Raymond (Windecker) Martin

Ruth McCollough (Brown)

Donald McIntire (Patricia Beasore)

Dorothy Pettit (Ringle)

John Pope (Norma DeWitt)

Doris Rhine (Maple)

Shirley Roscoe (Driscoll)

Adalaide Sauers

Carl Seagren Jr. (Hilda Berry)

Richard Sloan (Mary Jane)

Robert Smith

Evelyn Strimple (Clark)

Howard Verberg

Eileen Young (Westbrook)


Class of 1945


Rudyard Baker

Patricia Beasore (Donald McIntire)

Arlene Boardman (Smith)

Norma DeWitt (John Pope)

Jeannette English (Barnhouse)

Frances Gulvin (Winchell)

Norman Gumbert (Emily Albert)

Eleanor King (Joe Howell/Bowen/Braucher)

Shirley Lusher

George Warren Parkinson

Marilyn Rupert (George Strimple)Bessie Sanicky

Robert Stricklin

Mary Jane Walker (Lowell Eitle)

Arthur Willet (Shirley DeVoe/Jean English)

Betty Wolcott (Richard Gregg)

Howard Wolfe

Class of 1946

Emily Albert (Norman Gumbert)

Gertrude Andrews (Keith Sparks)

James English

Lorene Figley (Joseph A Diehl)

Lowell Finley

Thelma Ford (Miller)

Dale Gilger (Phyllis Hall)

Lester Gorham

Harold Graffice (Joan Eberly)

Mae McDougal (Newcomer)

Paul Mitchell

Frances Otterbacher (Mitchell)

Don Reynolds

Felicia Reynolds (Young)

Lois Silliman (Neil Garrett)

Roy Smith (Hoose)

Keith Sparks (Gertude Andrews)

Marilyn Stevens (Richard Flint)

Jean Templer

Marjory VerBerg

Eugene Walker (Rose Lichoff)

Darl Walter (Clara Andrews)

Roger Wheelwright ?


Class of 1947


Marcella Baker

Patricia Black

Phillip Entler  (Patricia Pope)

Charles Gemmel

Mary Graffice

Richard Hunter

Wendell McElwee

Rpbert McIntire

Budd Morrison

Richard Nead

Clair Rhine

Pauline Predieri (Tschapat)

June Predmore (Dean Jamison)

Donal Rice

Jeanne Rupert

Joanne Rupert (Hubbard)

Jean Seidel

June Smith (Krisha)

Joanne Smith (Moore)

Dolores Teats (Lee)

George Walker

Patricia Young (Long)


Class of 1948


Cara Andrews (Darl Walter)

Gene Barre (Dorothy Brehm)

Robert Barre (Kaye Hans)

Elsie Blair

Tilton Bowen (Eleanor King)

Donald Braucher (Eleanor King)

Jack DeVoe (Alice English)

Alice English (Jack DeVoe)

Charlene Finley (Smith)

Phyllis Hall (Dale Gilger)

Harriet Johnson (Lightfoot)

Helen June

Marilyn Lusher

Mary Esther Murray

Dale Otterbacher

Patricia Plough (Glen Rowe)

James Sauers

Mildred Seidel

Donna Lou Silliman (Larry Cronenwett)

Nancy Walker

Joe Young


Class of 1949


Darlene Aukerman (Philbrick)

Marlene Baker

Jennie Beasore (Evert Ebinger)

Miriam Boardman (David Wagner)

Winnifred Carroll

James Curtiss (Donna Ruth Barre)

Shirley DeVoe (Arthur Willett)

Evert Ebinger (Jennie Beasore)

Robert Fulton (Mary)

Bermice Garner (Don Clevenger)

Bill Gemmel

Donald Griffin (Ruth Gemmel)

Delores Howe (John Almadinger)

Margaret Hudson

Beth Keysor

Patricia Kniceley

Gladys Morrow  (Myron Schuster)

Mary Esther Murray

Gueneviere Pittenger (Hawn)

Judy Reynolds (Baumgarn)

Ruth Schantz

Pearl shorthouse

Janice Silliman (Paul Seidel)

Richard Snapp

Marilyn Sparks (Carl Polacheck, Samuel Predieri)

Merrill Teats (Eileen Miller)


Greenwich High School Class of 1949

Greenwich High School Class of 1949

Class of 1950


Arthur Aukerman

Donna Barre (James Curtiss)

Theo Bittner

Mary Beth Bowen (Earl Hartley)

Wesley Brewer

Margaret Carey

Joy Lee Garner (Frank Auer)

Richard Hartley

Gertrudfe Leak (Ben Keefer)

Charles Philbrick

Richard Rhine (Joy)Dean shoemaker

Anna Sutton (Coburn)

Virginia Tucker (Kuhn)


Class of 1951


Arnel Blair (Marlene Westbrook)

Jacque Brooks (Paul Sackett)

Marylyn Buffington

Barton Derby

Eloise Ebinger (Arthur Evans Jr.)

Norman Enzor (Janet Duley)

Carole Finley

Bob Gorham (McKensie)

Earl Griffin (Vivian Eldridge)

James Hale

Jane Harmon

Roger June

Carole Keiser (Toni Manna)

Kyle Keysor (Dolly)

Alice Morrow (Dorsey Gerstenberger)

Donna Jean Pettit (Joe Shafer)

Veloice Rhodes (Washburn)

Joanne Shoemaker (Parker)

David Walker (Mary Anne)

June Wolf (Charles May)


Class of 1952


Donald Baker

Barbara Birk (Dean Beck)

Lawrence Brown, Jr. (Debbie Barre)

Mike Carey (Charlene Crum)

Basil Coburn (Anna Sutton)

Evelyn Enzor (Jon C. Leak)

Kathryn Failor

Patricia Felver (Lawrence Kline)

Gordon Figley (Ramona Keysor)

Charles Hawkins (Rita LaPlume)

Bernice Helwig (Birk)

Ramona Keysor (Gordon Figley)

Robert Kime

Barbara Kramer

DiAnn Logan

Robert Lykins (Janet Spalsbury)

Charles May (June Wolfe)

Clare McLaughlin

Alfred Oney

Dick Papsun

Janet Rook

James Schantz

William Schuller (Joan Clawson)

Joe Shafer (Donna Jean Pettit)

Donna Snapp (Lloyd Dent)

Janet Spalsbury (Lykins/ Wm. Jones)

Edna Walker (Albert Schwartz)

Dave Watson

Mary Weimer (Ashton)


Class of 1953


Dean Beck (Barbara Birk)

Joan Beck (James Blubaugh)

Glen Boardman (Margaret)

Sandra Brown

Darlene Ebinger (Harold McDougal)

Harold Haines

Gene Hale

Kay Hans (Robert Barre/ Miller)

Anna Harmon

Bill Kelly Jr.  (Nancy DeWitt)

Mary Alice Leak (Dale Bradshaw)

Georgann Lusher

Raymond Lykins

Harold McDougal (Darlene Ebinger)

Joy Montgomery (Richard Sweeting)

Richard Moser (Barnthouse)

Michell Oney (Shirley)

Don Ropp (Cheryl)

David Stevens (Judy Dawson)

Doris Stewart (Richard Reynolds)

Marlene Westbrook (Arnel Blair)


Class of 1954


Larry Brockett

Charlene Crum (Leroy Carey)

Bill Dupee

Janet Duley (Norman Enzor)

Betty Fulton

Ruth Gemmel (Donald Griffin)

Helen Griffin (Herbert Cole)

Donald Hamer (Ruth Ann McLaughlin/Diane)

Merle Jenkins

Rodney Jones (Sandy)

Shirley Johnson (Crist)

Burhl King (Janet Ropp)

Nancy Leak (Don O’Dell)

Maxine McLaughlin (McQuate)

Sylbert Miller

Robert Mills

Myrtle Morris

Norma Morrow (McClish)

Donald O’Dell (Nancy Leak)

Lloyd Patton (Martha Underwood/Caldeen Rowe)

Tom Shafer

Clinton Van Scoy (Caldeen Rowe)

Carles Watson

Virgil Westbrook (Sue Robison)

Mary White


Class of 1955


Marguerite Baker

Alice Box

Carole Duley (Robert Newmyer)

Beth Haines

Bill Hanson

Andy Hiltbrunner (Nancy/Sherry Swander)

Edna Jones (McKensie)

Delores Kelly (Robert Winkler)

LeRoy King (Luana Hawk)

Lorne McPhail

Nan McPhail

Dean Mead

Ronald Mead (Carol Lee)

Dick Morris (Bonnie Purcell)

Bud Music (Shirley Pettit)

James Pettit (Joyce Myers)

Shirley Pettit (Bud Music)

Dottie Ray (Dean Keysor

Bob Stewart

Pat Strimple (Lorin Brown)

Martha Underwood (Lloyd Patton)

Earl Washburn (Judith Watson)

Dixie Wilson (Stewart)

Marvin Wireman (Wilma Ramey)

Class of 1956

(Note:  In 1956 Greenwich Schools and North Fairfield Schools became a part of South Central Local Schools.  The high Schools operated separately maintaining their own identities and athletic schedules, however administratively the two high schools were under South Central Local Schools.  rz)

Jean Beck (Glenn Pittenger)

Alice Box

Jerry Brady

Lorin Brown (Patricia Strimple)

David DeWitt (Sharon Pettit)

Nancy DeWitt (Bill Kelley Jr)

Norma Dupee (Thomas Robson)

Jean Felver

Joan Hall

Dale Jenkins

Stanley Johnson (Carol Miller)

Audrey Keysor

Clair King (Clara Clevenger/Susanne Gahring)

Ronald Kissell (Shirley)

Joan Krumholtz (John Montory)

Marie Laferty

Carol Ann Lee (Ronald Mead)

Ruth Ann McLaughlin (Donald E. Hamer)

Shirley Mead

James Montgomery (Barbara Barre)

Kay Moser (James Cash)

Sandra Rheinbolt (Robert Everetts)

Thomas Robson (Normas Dupee)

David Seidel (Pat Richardson/Beverly Sutton)

Martha Walker (Kenneth Weatherbie)

Kenneth Weatherbie (Martha Walker)

Sandra White

Mary Ellen Willet (John Nolder)


Class of 1957



Barbara Barre (James Montgomery)

Bertha Brown

John Dawson

Doris Ebinger (Darrell Edwards)

Wendell Eldridge (Nancy Steely)

May Eileen Felver (June)

Judith Gaubatz

Chandos Gose

Robert Griffin

Robert Haines

Delmas Hale

Allan Haupricht

Nora Hiltbrunner

Caroll Howell (Warren Weigle)

Karen King (Larry R. Figley)

Gertrude Kramer

Raymond Lee

Marjory Lowery

Dixie Luteman

Charles Magill

Alvin Morris (Nancy)

Gordon Oney

Faye Patton (Edwin Woodworth)

Thomas Pettit (Dixie Robson)

Robert Reynolds (Nellie McLaughlin)

Dale Scott

David Shepherd

Beverly Sutton (David Seidel)

Dick Troxel

Constance VanBuskirk (Wendel Hackworth)

Glessie Vanderpool (Slone)

Vernon Van Scoy

Wayne Weatherbie

Warren Weigle (Carol Howell)

James Westbrook (Donna Arnold)

Arthur White (Donna Jean Shorthouse)


Class of 1958


Martin Behrendsen

Carol Blackert

Nancy Blaha

Esther Brown

William Brown

Charles Carey

Thomas Ehler

Kenneth Girton

Stanton Gose

Mary Ann Hacker (Vaughn Fife)

Roger Hamer

Kinsel Hittinger

David Heubner

James Holcomb

Stanley Homerick (Carmeron)

James Hutchinson

Dean Keysor (Susan Slone)

Judy Kniceley

Carl Jean Leber

Jerry Lowery

Linda McLaughlin (Edwin Hartz)

Gloria Jean Pettit (Taylor)

Vallie Pittenger

Ida Puckett (George Adams)

Larry Rheinbolt

Dixie Robson (Tom Pettit)

Sue Robson (Virgil Westbrook)

Donna Jean Shorthouse (Arthur White)

Nancy Silliman (Milliron)

Leo Smith

David Stevens (Judy Dawson)

Robert Todd

Nancy Trushel

Dean Wilson (Nancy Seidel)


Class of 1959


Tom Beasore (Carol Smith)

Wilbert Behrendsen

Shirley Carnahan

Leroy Cramer

Shirley Dawson

Janet Derby

Patricia DeVore

Darrll Eldridge  (Kathy Shipman/Penny)

Diane Ellis

Sandra Felver

Norman Gregg

John Hacker

Kay Hettinger

Jerry Jones (Marlene Robson)

Janet Lee

Dennis Magill

Patricia McClary

Richard McLaughlin

John Montgomery

James Predmore

Peggy Rhoades (Watkins)

Carl Robson

Norman Rowe

Carol Seaman

Ann Shafer

Ron Sharpless

Carolyn Sharpless (Allen White)

Joanne Shepherd

Floyd Sisinger

Carol Smith (Tom Beasore)

Patricia Trushel

Dennis Van Scoy

Danny Wilson

Class of 1960


Freida Adams (John DeWitt)

Raymond Adams

Kathy Bauerle

Linda Berry (Vanderpool)

Jerome Brown

Gene Chandler

Marcia Clemons (Storey/Predieri)

Sally DeWitt (Burling)

Harold Dickenson (Donna Arnold/Karen Sparks)

Vivian Eldridge (Earl Griffin)

Kenneth Ellis (Tangia Early)

Kenneth Felver

David Hale

Leona Hartley

Ronald Hartley

Sam Keysor (Margie Gullet)

Effie Lafferty

Gary Leak (Susan Duley)

Nellie McLaughlin  (Robert Reynolds)

Helen Montgomery

Joyce Morris (Dennis Meyers)

Ivan Music

Gerald Oney

Paul Patton

Jim Paxton

Sharon Pettit (David DeWitt)

Corraine Ratliff

Gary Schlarb

Gary Seidel (Mary)

Chester Shepherd

Kathy Shipman (Darrell Eldridge)

Gail Shoemaker

Jerry Snyder

Susan Weigle

Lana Westbrook (Ruggle/Carl Hacker)

Allen White (Carolyn Sharpless)

Kay Willett

Dennis Wilson (Janice Sisinger)

Van Woodworth

(Note: In 1960-61 the Greenwich and North Fairfield schools lost their separate identities and became South Central High School.  A Bond issue for a new high school was passed in November of 1960 and construction commenced immediately.)  The New Street school in Greenwich became the South Central (10 through 12 grade) high school.   The Ashtabula Street school in North Fairfield became the South Central 8 through 9 “Junior High” school.  North Fairfield area children Kindergarten through 7 attended the Ashtabula Street School.  In Greenwich: Kindergarten was above the municipal building in Greenwich.  Grades 1 to 4 attending East Greenwich School which was located 1/4 mile east of SR 13 on US 224 on the north side of US224.  Grades 5 & 6 attended the Ripley School which was located on the north east corner of  US 224 and Old State Road.  Grades 7 & 8 attended the Seminary Street School which faced Seminary Street; the back of the building was on West Union Street; the west side of the building was on Center Street.  The school year of  1961 -1962 operated in a similar manner.  The school year of 1962-1963 welcomed the present South Central High School.  At this writing in 2013 the East Greenwich, Ripley, and Seminary street schools have all been razed. rz)



Ripley Centralized School – 1944

Ripley Centralized School - 1944

Ripley Centralized School – 1944

Ripley Centralized School was located on the north east corner of US 224 and Old State Road.


Greenwich Centralized School

Greenwich Centralized School

Greenwich Centralized School

1927-28 GCS Grades 1 & 2

1927-28 GCS Grades 1 & 2

1927-28  GCS  Grades 1 & 2  2


Greenwich – Seminary Street School

Greenwich High School - 1909

Greenwich High School – 1909

Greenwich Primary - 1988

Greenwich Primary – 1988